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Alice has more than three decades of experience in interior design and holds multiple certifications.

Transforming the appearance of an indoor space is a process called interior design, and it’s an important step when you want to make your home look more appealing and feel more inviting. Designing the inside of your home can be a challenge, especially if you aren’t sure what components go well together and complement one another while serving a functional purpose. Luckily, you don’t have to handle this process on your own. Those in and around St. James, North Carolina can rely on the experience of Alice Everett Evans, CKS, A.I.S.D. for their interior design needs and desires.

Interior Design in St. James, North Carolina

Alice is the co-founder and president of Dynamic Kitchens and Interiors, a leading provider of design and renovation services in the area. She has more than three decades of experience in interior design and holds multiple certifications, which represent her dedication to continually improving her skills and remaining current with the latest industry changes and updates. Over the years, she has worked with her staff of skilled individuals to transform clients’ living spaces with her artful eye.

When handling an interior design project, we focus on balancing visual appeal with functionality. By handling the design process this way, we’re able to create beautiful spaces that serve vital purposes. We have access to high-quality design elements that will add a lot of value and appeal to your home. When handling the interior design at your residence, we’ll consult with you to incorporate your desires and tastes, ensuring that your living space reflects your style.

At Dynamic Kitchens and Interiors, we offer interior design services in Wilmington, Holden Beach, Hampstead, Topsail Beach, Myrtle Grove, and St. James, North Carolina.


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