Elle Decor had a great blog this past month by Neesha Arter.  Enjoy…

They say timing is everything. Whether it’s love or the right job, we are all secretly waiting for the stars to align on a variety of things, including that perfect furniture sale.

If you’re in the market for a new desk for your home office, or searching for a tiny flat screen TV to put in your kid’s room, there is a rhyme and reason to getting the best deal. The secret as you may have guessed: timing. Here’s the best time to buy everything from your next mattress to new luggage.

  • Office Furniture:  January is the ideal time to purchase office furniture because it will be on clearance. Not only do new furniture models debut in February, this is also the time when retailers target their bargains to entrepreneurs launching new businesses at the turn of the year.
  • Linens and Bedding:  While some may think February is a good time to binge on candy sales from Valentine’s Day (which it totally is), linens, towels and bedding are what you should be keeping an eye out for. With Presidents’ Day being February 19th, these items are always going to be on markdown at retailers like Bed, Bath and Beyond.
  • Mattresses:  Memorial Day mattress sales are really a thing, according to CNBC. The retailers get their new models in, so the previous year’s mattresses are super cheap. Check out CasperOverstock.com or Sleepy’s for popular styles.

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